The Naked Truth About Your “Freedom”

You might think that you have nothing to hide but the fact is you have everything to protect.

They are people online they know who you are and they know what you are doing online. If you use the internet you have an online identity no matter if you like it or not, your IP adress is this unique identifier to this device that you are using to connect online. It could be your computer, it could be your cell phone or your tablet and this unique identifier is actually able to pin point your exact adress location on the maps.

Many of the risk we encouters with the online world are coming from far away attaker but when you are using hotspot wifi for example in a cafeteria the risk is most closer, the person sitting next to you in the next table could be recording the whole wifi session meeting. They can see everything you doing, any unencrypted connexion from your system can be recording as hole they can see exactly where you are and exactly what you are doing.

This plenty of things we do online where we dont need anonymity, for example building our linked profile, well you already doing it with your own name and your own photo, so we dont really need anonymity there but there are things out there that we need it, for example when your searching information about somes embarassing illeness that you might have but then when you look at the younger generation where they are posting picture or grooming, sexting or goofing around and posting video of doing stupid stuff they probably dont think about, but they dont want to get it back to their own world identity and they probably dont want these things stay there for long time or life.

The worst case senario is that the user become victim of harassment or stalking or treaths or any of the possible bad things can happen because of bad people out there know too much about you.

The best way to maintain your anonymity online is to use AnonymousGhost Encrypted Usb stick.

The encrytion work and there is mutiple different way to encrypt your network traffic but by far easiest is by using Anonymousghost Usb Stick to have our freedom. The Anonymousghost stick is like a tunnel and encrypt all your information by turning something that is humanly readable to something that is no longer readable by humans and is virtualy uncrackable, it used the information to travel from your location to the destionation website that you are visiting.

Many people think that into browsing incognito is actually enough but it only help a bite but when it come to tracking it doesn’t really remove your location so is still show your geographic location. The difference with AnonymousGhost stick freedom is that with anti-tracking, is actually already hiding your online profile and then with tor it also remove your online location so you become this online “ninja” who come from somewhere, goes somewhere else but they dont know exactly what you are doing or where you are from.

Going online without AnonymousGhost Stick is like walking downtown wearing a shirt with your name and whole adress printed on the front is like a printed maps.

Unless you protect yourself you loose part of yourself every day, every time you go online and you loose a bite of peace of information and its up to you to fight this, its up to you to protect yourself and to take control.